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The ZyCoo 1UM is a Mini PCI Express Card with HSUPA functionality which supports 

for multimode 

operation - UMTS 8 50 (900)/1900/2100, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 

850/900/1800/1900.It can provide WCDMA, GSM /GPRS , 

EDGE(EGPRS) and HSUPA high-speed data services in mobile environments.

Note: UMTS850 and UMTS900 cannot be supported simultaneously.


Execute Standards
-PCI Express Mini Card Electromechanical Specification Revision 1.2,October26 2007
-3GPP TS 34.121 User Equipment (UE) conformance specification; Radio transmission 
and reception (FDD)
-3GPP TS 05.05
-3GPP TS 34.124 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for Mobile 
terminals and ancillary equipment
Operation Features
-WCDMA PS date rate:384kbps DL/384kbps UL
-WCDMA CS date rate:64kbps DL/64kbps UL
-HSDPA supports a maximum downlink date rate of 7.2Mbps
-HSUPA supports a maximum uplink date rate of 5.76Mbps
-EDGE CLASS12/GPRS CLASS12 PS are supported

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