Zycoo 2 FXOS (2 FXS + 2 FXO) Module

por: Zycoo

Colecções: Módulos ZyCoo

Tipo: Módulos ZyCoo

The 2FXOS module is mixed interface of foreign exchange office and foreign exchange station that connect to office and station. It includes 2FXO ports and 2FXS ports, and can be combined with BRI, PRI, GSM module.

FXO interfaces are used to connect your PBX to the PSTN. One FXO channel is required for each line you receive from your telco.

FXS interfaces are used on the inside of your PBX, they do not connect directly to the PSTN. One FXS channel is required for each telephone that you wish to connect to your Asterisk system.

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