Zycoo 32EC Hardware Echo Cancellation Module

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ZYCOO Echo Cancellation Module is designed with Zarlink ZL38065 chip for voice echo canceller, 
which has the following features:
  • Independent multiple channels of echo cancellation, from 32 channels of 64 ms to 16 
  •  channels of 128 ms with the ability to mix channels at 128 ms or 64 ms in any combination
  • Fully compliant to ITU-T G.165, G.168 (2000) and (2002) specifications
  • Passed all AT&T voice quality tests for carrier grade echo canceller systems
  • Unparalleled in-system tunability
  • Sub 50 ms initial convergence times under many typical network conditions
  • Fast reconvergence on echo path changes
  • Patented Advanced Non-Linear Processor with high quality subjective performance
  • Superior noise matching algorithm
  • Per channel Fax/Modem G.164 2100 Hz or G.165 2100 Hz phase reversal Tone Disable
  • Protection against narrow band signal divergence and instability in high echo environments


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